In conjunction with technology company Intel’s exhibit at the annual trade show CES, VVOXSTUDIO fabricated two installations. The installations were fully immersive, showcasing Intel technology in a tangible and engaging way.


Xandr, AT&T’s advertising and analytics division, tasked Gensler, and VVOX Studio to create a monumental installation to welcome and awe visitors with a visualization of their brand promise. The result was Tetra. Inspired by Alexander Graham Bell, and his tetrahedral box kites, this ceiling sculpture at nearly 100 feet long, with 300 individual computer-driven motors, and hundreds of LED lights is the largest kinetic sculpture in New York City.


Volvox Labs partnered with Ogilvy and IBM and provide an augmented experience to do the same for guests in celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing’s 50th anniversary.


VVOX was asked to conceptualize and produce CG content for a private residence in Southampton, NY. On top of the large library of CG visuals they’ve also added interactive and data-driven content.


This work is for Coachella Music and Arts Festival, screening inside The Antarctic dome with a 360 degree view, powered by HP. The film is adapted and directed by Justin Bolognino, and with art direction from VolvoxLabs, Dev Harlan, and Sougwen.


For the inaugural Panorama Festival in NYC, they created a visual journey to evoke a sense of wonder about hybrid connections. For this event, they designed a generative data-driven ‘moments‘.

Blackwelder/Microsoft Lifestyle Lounge

Microsoft engaged VVOX on an ongoing collaboration to outfit their lounge space in Culver City, LA with the latest in art content and tech. VVOX developed and built various installations and visuals over the years culminating now with a brand new naked-eye 3D corner content spanning the entrance to the lounge and the Great Room.
VVOX created a slew of new CG content to enhance the Microsoft lounge in new and innovative ways and improve the way visitors experience the building and its various spaces. The viewers can playfully interact with space rather than be a passive viewer.

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