ELEVATED is a site specific audiovisual installation taking place in an industrial elevator.


This audiovisual installation questions us on our notions of frontiers and interpretation of reality.


#HATE is an installation that reflects social media hate speech and abusive behavior onto participants. Today, people are adamant to attack and abuse each other in virtual public spaces. Contact on the internet has taken the form of an abusive relationship. This has direct consequences. The constant aggression distorts our own self perception and self confidence. It ultimately warps what normality looks like. #hate literally mirrors these issues and gives participants a visual experience of the effects.


This audio visual site specific installation is a constant dialogue between isolation, emergence and transformation of a normal space and its audience interacting with it. Through mirroring effects we blur the lines between the actions inside this contained system and its radiation into its surrounding. By the means of wireless headphones we invite the spectator to live a looped experience evolving through states of isolation and emergence, alternating their own presence between the installation and the surrounding becoming part of it’s ever slightly changing story, Like the surroundings, change can just be perceived over time.


More than an installation taking place in a room, Sliced becomes the room.
By totally redefining space, this large scale artwork immerses the viewer into a deep audiovisual journey.


Audiovisual site specific installation.
Octal is an installation made with optical illusion techniques mixing drawing to new technologies.
The viewer is in front of an animated fictional room inspired by masonic architecture.
The artwork is totally determined by the number “8”.

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