S3 Daydream

Audiovisual light installation work. The installation is realized in a transparent cube. With the theme of “daydreaming”, the dreamy light visuals and music create a harmonious and uplifting immersive environmental experience.

The work consists of 16,000 individual LEDs covering the ceiling, walls and large volume chandeliers, divided into four groups of visual experiences that rotate and cycle to continuously renew the experience for the viewer.


This installation is an interactive public art work designed for The Star, Sydney’s leading high luxury hotel. The installation presents the beauty of the Aurora Borealis through an impressionistic visual approach, with the screen content interacting with the environment and the viewer in real time.


This work is a light installation based on the artist’s vision of the outdoor environment and the possibilities of that environment. The pipes in the work form an immersive digital art forest, combining visual and sound effects to attract and welcome people.


The stage installation consists of two lighting fixtures composed of high-definition LED lights. During the performance, the lighting installation is manipulated in real time and works in concert with the sonar performance to create a multi-sensory experience.

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