Big Data Sculpture

Big Data is a technological, sociological, and economic phenomenon. It has affected almost all areas of society and every single person therein. This is an array of information about real human behavior. Radugadesign Studio and Eventum Premo agency presented this media sculpture based on big data from 1970 to 2020 transferred to us by SAP.

Transform the Atom

The artist created this multimedia interactive installation for the International Atomic Energy Forum 2019. The work creates an immersive and interactive scenario in the form of a circular screen that shows the interchange and circulation of energy.

As participants stand in front of the screen and interact physically, the energy within the screen is stimulated, with people and energy enhancing and complementing each other’s growth, thus demonstrating humanity’s confidence in the future of energy.

Volvo丨The Birth of Excellence

The Swedish company Volvo developed the philosophy of “designed around you.” This key aspect inspired Radugadesign Studio to create a visual concept for the presentation called “The Birth of Excellence” for the premiere of the Volvo S90 in Russia.

"I am" for Pause Fest 2020

The “I am” project by Radugadesign Studio was presented as part of the “Motion response selection” for Pause Fest 2020. The theme of the year was “New Odyssey,” dedicated to a new decade in which we welcome new values and virtues. What will 2020 be about? And what kind of revolutions are waiting for us during the new decade? Technological? Societal? Anthropological?

Radugadesign Studio’s “New Odyssey” is essentially a journey. A journey in search of answers: “What is reality?” “Who am I?” “What am I doing here?” And even “Am I here?” “Am I?”

In this project, they rely on the simulation hypothesis. If the hypothesis is true, in the future we will be able to become “creators” of the virtual world that will be “reality” for its new inhabitants. Our world may not be the most important part of the universe but merely one world in a multiverse—perhaps it’s just an experiment, a result of overdeveloped civilization.

Airport Gagarin

Radugadesign has built a permanent interactive exhibition for Gagarin Airport in Saratov, dedicated to exploring the connection between humans and space. Exhibits on different themes are scattered throughout the airport.

A 35 metre long cosmic screen greets passengers at the check-in counter. Before boarding, passengers can “try on” a virtual spacesuit in front of an interactive installation; in the walkway to the aircraft, passengers can hear Gagarin’s conversation with Korolev before the first manned space flight played in a multimedia U-shaped archway.

In the baggage claim area there is an exhibition on Saratov and space flight; in the lobby on the first floor there is a large interactive table with a digital virtual album of drawings, Soviet cosmic posters, fantastic films and excerpts from the architects’ projects of the 1930s, etc.

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