Elements - an audiovisual journey

Elements is an experimental short movie, with videoprojections an nature objects. Along the river Isar (Munich/Germany), 45 temporary video installations have been created. Driftwood, tree trunks and rocks, served as natural projection surfaces.

The visuals tell a story of five elements: Air, earth, water, fire and Ether.
The animations have been created by footage of organic structures previously recorded along the river. Digitally transformed into mesmerizing shapes and re-projected on nature.

The fusion of projected elements and nature has created a symbiosis between the real and virtual world. A Real Virtuality.

Trinity - Light installation

For this video installation, artist Philipp Frank took pictures of the ornamental paintings and geometry of the church as base for his animations. Transforming them into mesmerizing images, symbols and patterns.

The sequence was projected onto a large canvas construction, creating a beautiful and relaxing experience for all audiences.
The Installation originally was accompanied live by the great church organ, with abstract soundscapes from organist Stephan Heuberger.

Metimotus - Projection mapping mural

In his latest project, artist Philipp Frank has further elaborated the combination of his paintings with 3d projection mapping. He explains his concept for the Metimotus installation as following:
“I wanted to create a living mural with an inspirational connection between the building and its environment. Therefore I took various natural elements from next to it (trees, stones, water, colors) and reinterpreted them in an abstract way.

Flowing and mesmerizing elements going hand in hand with the painting. Imaginative, inspiring and full of movement. A dreamlike scenery. Watch the video and get a glimpse of this magical installation.

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