Collide - Dolby Laboratories 2016

A site-specific art installation commissioned by Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco, Collide is an exploration of the senses by transforming recorded motion data into abstract visuals and sound. By mixing, reversing and eliminating restrictions of time and space, a new vision of the human body and mind is discovered. Inspired by the phenomenon of synaesthesia, the union of the senses, Collide creates a new visual language by combining original chamber music and painterly visuals.

Meandering River

“Meandering River” is an installation comprised of real-time generated visuals and music. Simulated by a bespoke algorithm, this digital artwork makes changing landscapes perceivable by creating a unique awareness of time. Spanning over multiple screens, the piece reinterprets the shifting behaviors of rivers by visualizing and sonifying their impact on the surface of the earth. Additionally to the procedurally generated visuals, machine learning is used to compose an always changing score of classical music.

Genesis Beijing

In collaboration with the agency Wolff Olins, onformative created a corporate design tool that explores different states of mind for the Genesis Bejing brand. Meeting the need of the brand, which was to evoke a reflective mindset and to bring a new kind of urban experience to individuals, the tool is capable of generating all visual material, including the logo, needed for various platforms and media.

IBM Flux

IBM FLUX is an interactive data sculpture visualizing the different facets of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cognitive technologies. Through four different visual modes, the sculpture cycles through mesmerizing imagery created through streams of living data. Intelligently engaging with its viewers, the piece showcases inspiring factors of IoT, IBM Watson and IBM’s Weather Insights. The installation consists of 8 ribbons of displays with 32 curved screens nested in anodized steel casings. The movement and clustering of visual content is data-driven and interactive, based on real-time input and adapts to moods and characters depending on the time of day.

FLUX activates the space to reflect the ideation, innovation, growth and creative power of technology.

Anima Iki

Fluid shimmering patterns flow around a luminescent orb suspended in space, as tones oscillate in the room. ANIMA is a sculptural installation to explore the relationship between itself and its surroundings through the use of movement, texture, light and sound. It is an entity that modifies sound and visuals as it reacts to and forages in its environment. This continuous exchange between viewer and sculpture unites them in a perpetual discourse through an interactive soundscape and visuals. The installation consists of a giant glowing sphere measuring two meters in diameter. Through this process of refining behavior and visual complexity, ANIMA becomes life-like and impressive.

Porsche blackbox

This work uses original recorded racing data and reports to create a soundscape and abstract visualization of a car through lines and subtle silhouettes. Datasets originate from the Porsche GTS community, collecting recorded tracks from all over the world. These datasets define the dramaturgy of the conceptual scenes to recreate the most dynamic moments of the user’s experience as an interactive webGL visualization.

Nike strike series fa16

Commissioned by Nike Global Football, onformative created still images and short films for the fall 2016 launch of the Strike Series apparel collection. By creating full body scans of world-class athletes Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Götze, Neymar and Jérôme Boateng, specialized 3D models of the players were created as the base for the visuals. The dynamic direction was combined with motion captured data from training drills to reveal one of a kind imagery and exemplify the nature of the campaign under the slogan ‘Play fast, train faster’.

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