Singularity was commissioned by Community Memorial Health System for its Permanent Art Collection Reflections of Art and Healing. It is sited in the first floor main elevator lobby adjacent to reception. It is the only new media artwork in the collection of 600 pieces that span the six floors of the hospital’s Ocean Tower. The twelve foot long high-resolution displays centered directly across from the elevators that take patients, visitors and staff to the upper floors creates an immersive experience.

pacificBecoming realtime

pacificBecoming is an aesthetic contemplation of the ocean and the unseen forces at work that shape it, a reflection on its power and beauty, and a visual meditation on our relationship to it.

This 60′ high media canvas is the signature element of the façade of the Paséa Hotel, a resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Huntington Beach California. The architectural scale integrated LED display runs 24/7 and transitions between data-driven content, generative animations and new technologies in aerial and 4K cinematography to create a dynamic representation of the ocean. An intelligent platform that links content to data and time of day creates a fusion of digital content, public space and nature in realtime.

La Raza Interactive Experience

From 1967 to 1977 La Raza newspaper provided a voice to the Chicano Rights movement as it unfolded across Los Angeles. More than 25,000 images captured by the La Raza photographers bear witness to this struggle for social justice. Recently gifted to UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center, most of the images had never been seen.

As part of the Getty-led Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative, Narduli Studio was commissioned to bring the images to life in an interactive experience.

Object Permanence

OBJECT PERMANENCE is a visual narrative of the legendary westward journey along Route 66 to the California Coast. The artwork is sited along Route 66 in the lobby of the new Marriott Hotel in downtown Santa Monica. It juxtaposes video shot along the historic route with data-driven animations tied to the ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean where Route 66, the Highway of Dreams, meets the coast at the Santa Monica Pier just a few blocks from the hotel.

Realtime oceanographic data informs the rhythms and colors of the piece as its custom platform creates an ever-changing fusion of nature, culture and abstraction. Data driven animations are tied to the tide levels, wave height, currents, temperature and turbulence of the Pacific Ocean.


PORTAL : Los Angeles is a window into an alternative reality unfolding in realtime. It is a stand-alone artwork when in the passive mode, but as soon as one approaches, it becomes a fusion of real and imaginary activated by and viewed through the lens of the passersby.

It creates a fracturing of time and space that momentarily displaces the streetscape reality. PORTAL makes the viewer part of the digital environment of the artwork to create a truly immersive and interactive experience. It reimagines the urban streetscape as a synergy of time and space in which virtual and physical coexist.

Synesthesia: Touch Experiments


Kinetic structures 02

Convergence LA

ConvergenceLA is a media installation on the façade of the Metropolis Towers in downtown Los Angeles. The canvas for the artwork is an integrated LED display, nearly 100 feet wide by 18 feet high. The artwork itself is a generative construct, fueled by data and informed by aesthetics. It explores new ways of storytelling through an intelligent platform that both expresses and responds to the spirit of Los Angeles in a seamless fusion of digital content, public space and urban life.

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