Cloth Movement 04

Cloth Movement is a motion study that explores the handoff between complex physical action and virtual reaction.

The dancer’s movement influences the structure of the virtual screen on which she is being shown. As she bends, the fabric bends. The melding of real and simulated physics creates a strange connection that seems physically possible, but is not.

Hexagon Push 02

Hexagon Push is a virtual fluid simulation with interactivity.
The hexagon tiles are bound by simulated physics, but have no gravity. The tiles are propelled via an input video and are colored based on velocity. The input video is processed in real-time to identify movement and the result causes a reaction in the fluid.

Movement History 03

Movement History is a multi-piece motion study that seeks to supplement the beauty and complexity of human movement, as well highlighting the residual, ghost-like qualities of live dance.

This specific example uses input video that is rotoscoped and voxelized in real-time. The subject is duplicated and offset by time and position, and his voxels are manipulated via optical flow.

Pixel Wave 03

Pixel Wave is a simple study of three-dimensional transformations on two-dimensional pixels. The pixels of a video are converted to 3D voxels and moved based on their brightness.

As the video plays, the voxels animate and map their color to a gradient value. The source video for this sketch is an overhead view of turbulent water.

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