Wall of Wonders- OCEAN

Digital Animation, 3 full-hd projectors, stereo sound

It’s an abstract water animation made with the huge scale projection in mind. Using artificially simulated physical phenomenas like wind or Coriolis force, we brought life to the giant screen. The water particles were simulated in Realflow and rendered as cubes whose length and color was directly transformed by the particles’ velocity in C4D.

Wall of Wonders- The Walk

Digital Animation, 3 full-hd projectors, stereo sound


a tactile screen is a human-size
interactive touchscreen made of fabric.

The organic structure and feel of the fabric provides immersive and tactile experience.The fabric reacts to your touch. Every time it generates distinctive animations. It feels the pressure of your touch. Everything impacts both visuals and sound. Redefining the touch interaction mechanics,it resembles more of a living organism than a piece of hidden technology.


TURBULENCE is an ongoing series of immersive experiences created for large-scale, high-resolution media environments that embosom the viewer in digital flow of particles.


In the center of the listening party, stood the Infinity Cube. A multimedia monolith, the animated scenography for all guests and an immersive installation that invited everyone to step inside and experience the infinite structure of recursively reflected animations.

Looking at it, we are surrounded by the 3-dimensional grid of red, thick lasers – the background and the environment for the experience. We can see people inside, but they cannot see us. We don’t know where the screen ends and the reflection begins. From every angle, from every spot in the room, the installation looks different.

When we go inside, we’re entering the immersive space of infinity. Purposely designed animations create infinite structures from reflections all around us.

Inspired by the classic Infinity Rooms popularized by Yayoi Kusama, we created our multimedia fueled take that became something more than infinity room.

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