Nature Abstraction

Nature Abstraction is an immersive sensory experience that explores the arcane forms of fractals, mathematical visual representation of natural and biological forms.
Hosted at the Barbican Centre for the group show ‘Interfaces’ the project gives an insight into fractal formations through virtual reality, where they appear as three planets: Birth, Communion and Aether; Each accompained with scores designed to facilitate meditative state and relaxation;

The fractals have also been processed through Google’s Deepdream, transforming the fractal landscapes into morphing psychedelic patterns that our eye will recognize as
very familiar shapes although the way the images are created only aims to create a variety of random patterns on the canvas.
The audience is guided to explore these planets and dive into their vast complexities as well as observing the contrast between the entirely digital created world inside the VR against the fully analogue created film projected onto the faces of the cube which have been filmed in real life, recreating using analogue visual effects and various chemical elements.

Horror Vacui

Taking place in the current unfolding global crisis,
the film explores the geological self-similar formations of Earth and the frenetic hyper-development attained by mankind;
It reflects upon the alienation from nature and the resulting break of the harmonious balance of life.
By apposing computer generated images and real-world footage the video blurs the distinction between reality and a digital recreation of it, questioning the act of perceiving and the biased notion of ‘reality’.
Techniques used consists of Aerial Drone footage, Macro photography, 3D scanning, geological LIDAR point cloud, Ultra hi-res Satellite Imagery, 3D Modelling, Organic Physics simulations.

Horror Vacui (from Latin :’Fear of empty space’) refferred during Middle Ages, to the style of filling entire surfaces with detiail; this term reflects the ongoing human expansion in the film.

On the other hand ‘Horror Vacui’ relates to the Buddhist concept of Emptiness, the fear of the unknown and attachment to the materialistic worldview.

Terms&Conditions Apply

Projection based – Interactive Realtime Installation
Length: 8 mins (looping)
The project consists of three real-time interactive environments, where each is modified by the audience’s proximity to the projected artwork; The closer people gets to it the stronger will be their impact onto nature.
The concept is a literal metaphor of the term ‘Anthropocene’;
A term that marks a new era where human species triggered a permanent shift in the ecosystem, the natural world and its evolutionary processes.
Nuclear waste, plastic patches in the oceans, lands imbued with toxins…
The Earth is intoxicated at rates so fast it can no longer restore itself.


a series of iterations on the exploration of real-time Environments for live art performances.

All content has been performed live using Unreal Engine and subsequently edited for demonstration purposes. The sequence of imagery, lighting, environment, atmosphere, change accordingly with the sound or can be manually triggered live via remote Open Sound Control (OSC) at any time.

As part of The Garden of Virtual Utopias curated by Estela Oliva, Art Night 2017 and ‘Enter Through the Headset’ at Gazelli Art House.

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