The installation recreates the organic forces of nature through sound, light and lightly floating fabrics, such as water currents and a variety of colourful celestial images. It allows the audience to experience the subtle, immersive rhythms of nature.


An audio-visual performance installation. The installation has been exhibited at the Het Hem Museum in Rotterdam and the Lost Art Festivaly in Berlin and has received 9,000+ views.


Rise consists of 12 columns of light 6 metres long and is a response to the phenomenon of rising sea levels. The installation uses controlled light sources to visually recreate the rising tides in 12 different parts of the world. Standing in front of this giant installation, the audience can actually feel the insignificance of man and the power of nature.

Photonic Empathy

This installation was exhibited at the 2020 Toronto Festival of Light. The installation is 5.5 metres high and consists of three interlocking cubes of LEDs and metal architecture. 10,000 individual LEDs give the installation a soft and dreamy light effect.


The work is a product of the artist’s thinking during the epidemic, in which LEDs were reconstructed into light-emitting panels and put together to form a large installation that would bring the audience together. Through this installation they hope to make people feel happy to be together again.

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