This work is an interactive installation created for Shinjuku Park.


The artist created an animation that was based on a painting by Hirosai Kawanabe [YOKAI HIKIMAKU]. The animation utilizes a relatively unique method of letterpress printing, extracting 9.4 billion pixels of high-resolution digital data from the 4 meters long by 17 meters wide work, and then animating the original painting from this data.


By using an infrared camera, this work tracks multiple reflective markers placed on the skin. They guide the real-time deformation of a CG model and make it fit the shape of the body to convene the feeling of the content flowing over the model body.

I Love MAX MARA Exhibition

They created a 360° projection mapping content for the giant 5m high “Teddy Bear Coat” for Max Mara’s exhibition. When visitors choose the color of the coat, the animation associated with that color can be projected on the giant coat.

A Wonderful Destiny

In the Tokyo Skytree’s Christmas event, they created a projection mapping using 10 large projectors and lasers.


INOCHI was created for Yokohama Aqua Museum. A total of 19 projectors were used to create a 360-degree projection mapping effect across the floor. It can be viewed from all angles on the first floor, second floor, and inside the installation.

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