NO-ON Brain Music

NO-ON is an interactive art piece that uses EEG brain-computer interface to read 6 types of brain waves as well as meditation and attention parameters, then uses the data in sound sets to begin generative composition and to change video playback speed and effects in real time.

Cyber Wagashi

Cyber Wagashi is an edible food tech project, formed by 3D printer that uses a proprietary algorithm developed based on weather data. Cyber Wagashi, which change their shape and color depending on the wind speed, air pressure and temperature, allow audiences to see, eat and enjoy Tokyo sky each day.


LIGHTNING BALL is a model of planet earth connected with Nasa observation data. By extracting only layers of thunderbolts from complicated meteorology data, this home appliance will reproduce realistic lightning at random. The work is an experiment that incorporates unpredictability that is uncontrollable by anything in our daily lives.

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