Jeju Island Light Sculpture Park

Total 20 pieces of outdoor lighting art installation works.


Hand-soldered one light at a time. After fabrication of the LED mesh, the resulting topography of lights is suspended in space from an electrified structure. The material lends itself to smooth rolling forms devoid of sharp folds or creases. Each piece is custom made and shaped. Krugman has been working with this material for over 10 years. ETL listed and dimmable.


Reef is modeled after a nebulous aquarium. As building guests walk past their movements activate tropical fish within this digital marine landscape. The artwork uses motion and reflection to draw in colors from its environment. Splashes of light triggered by micro-controlled sensors create subtle disturbances in the artwork’s array of LEDs. 840 silicon bronze reflectors slowly twirl in opposing directions. They redirect light from the LEDs while drawing in hues of orange from the nearby terra-cotta tiles and daylight from the building’s frontage on Hudson St.

Some of Krugman’s most impactful aesthetic experiences came during interaction and immersion in marine environments. An avid fisherman as a child and young adult, Krugman was frequently entranced by the interactions between water and light in the marine environment. Reef uses LEDs and bronze discs to mimic water’s ability to bend and redirect sunlight.


In 2018, JKS designed, fabricated and installed a double-helix brass and LED sculpture for the Nieuw Statendam. Krugman’s original Straw Helix artworks served as design inspiration for this sculpture. The sculpture is 21-ft tall and passes through a 4-ft circular space in the floor of the ballroom’s mezzanine. Two colors of LED mix throughout the 210 struts joining the pairs of curving brass.

The four main structural brass rails running vertically up the sculture were CNC bent into identical spirals. At the top of the sculpture, the form opens and appears to unzip as it encounters the ceiling. This sculpture was an opportunity to create an artwork that was intricately designed to correspond with the features of a specific, highly designed space.

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