Humachine is a ‘Robotic Arm Enhanced Immersive Experience’ based upon the human-machine interaction for the celebration of 60 years of MESS, the path they’ve taken along those years, and their vision of the future. This evolution throughout 60 years is told in a 6 minutes long unique 3d animation on 200 square-meters of led canvas, 3 performers, and 6 led panels carried and moved by giant robotic arms.

The project aimed to reflect the human-machine interaction in the age of transformation. As industry 5.0 approaching it was extremely important to show the process of blue-collar workers’ adaptation to work alongside the smart machines. In order to reflect this process in the best manner, the robotic arms were accompanied by performers.

Taş Tepeler Opening Ceremony

Taş Tepeler, which hosts the first examples of settled life and social communities in the world was introduced with a presentation meeting held in Şanlıurfa Museum and Illusionist studio was very proud to take part in this event via the opening show illustrating the journey of humanity.

Alice the Musical

The project is an interpretation of Alice in Wonderland through multimedia technologies and performances in harmony with on the stage.

Apart from the works produced for Alice so far, the story is approached from a very different perspective; it was the main goal of the project to create an adaptation that modernized it and combined it with the journey of digitalization of today’s people. In order to create a different perception of the work Illusionist does, the use of technology and the effort to combine it with the human element is an important part of the artist’s vision. Their goal was to use the various technologies together in the production of the project and to bring the players into the multimedia world they designed with the staging techniques they applied and to bring together the animation player association with the audience in an interactive way.

Each character was shot in Greenbox and 3D scanned to create a digital copy of their persona so they would have an unlimited 3D world where they can move freely. Motion capture technique was used for giving “life” to the 3D scanned characters. With the help of holographic curtains and projection mapping, interactive animations and special effects were added to enhance the surreal world of Alice. This experience is first in Turkey; an exciting combination of technology and human to achieve a magical and inspiring world, pushing its limits to the boundaries of theater and musical play and is still a full house on the second season.

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