Map Of Null-S013A

2017 Audiovisual Installation
Map Of Null is a journey through a seemingly uninhabited metaphysical digital universe that reveals, through its colors and forms, the passage and the trace of an unquantifiable set of emotions, thoughts and sensations left by a temporally decontextualized intelligent/emotional presence. The visual concept represents a metaphysical portrait of an emotional, sensorial and unconscious landscape where relationships and the flow of collective thoughts, are intertwined, turning into a terraformation of pure thought and neural activity released in an immanent cyber-astral dimension. When the physical and temporal presence disappear, all the thoughts, informations, collected data are no longer forced to become sense, number, sequence syntax or structure but are free to self-organize themselves in an indefinable, undulating body, crossed by the reflections of its own light.

Machine and structure

2017 Audiovisual Installation
Stasis, movement and kinetic saturation are the summary of spontaneous, primitive interactions of a machine imprisoned within its own code. Torsions, spasms, gentle whispers and harsh screams serve as a primitive language used by this virtual body to strive for his principle of existence. Machine & Structure is a serie of digital synaesthetic sculptures realized with custom made software and recorded in real-time. Shape and Sound are generated with the same algorithms causing a continuous feedback between visual and aural planes, with the aim to depict a virtual organic being with his own behavior. Torsions, spasms, gently whispering then harsh screams are the primitive language used by this virtual body to declare his principle of existance. Machine and Structure can be presented as audiovisual installation for two large screens facing each others and two fullrange loudspeakers.


Audiovisual Live-set


2019 Screen-based installation
Resemblances is a collection of digital/software art pieces presented as screen-based installation or printed artwork.


Pathline #1 represents a virtual creature with its own behavior, sound and form, used as a synthetic metaphor to depict a mutation from a natural organic landscape to an artificial urban landscape. The visual structure, composed by simple lines and dots reminds us a vegetal agglomeration such as the branch of the trees or moss agglomerate, and it morphs following those natural rules, in a constant balance between chaos and order, through three steps in which is the sound to give voice to the tension of the morphing structure. Spasms, tortions, vibrations and high speed rotations, generates distorted sound and out of control sounds of nature, suffocated by the noises of a breathing city, through crescendos and sudden comebacks to silence. Probabilistic distributions and chaos theory, become the necessary technological tool to portray a concept beneath the daily life but anyway existing as an unchanging rule out of time.

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