“Every decision we have made or not, creates a bond between people, past and future, moment and present, one and whole. Everything is connected.”This living installation represents this bond. It has been created in virtual three-dimensional space. These simulated eaves were programmed to wave, when someone passes through the interactive zone – as if the eaves touched by someone.

This piece gives the audience an opportunity to interact among themselves and also with the installation itself in real time. This is not a prerecorded animation or loop. This interaction is happening in the moment therefore it will never be repeated and can be seen again.


Throughout history, humanity has sought to understand the operating principles of nature’s basic elements and the relationship between them in order to dominate nature and to orient them to use for their benefits. In the footsteps of Newton’s efforts to combine alchemy with mechanics, the artwork tries to bring digital and alchemy together and to portray human control over nature through computer-machine interaction.

The person who experiences the work, controls the elements that are the essence of the matter, as he masters the essence, he reveals it to experience the transformation, motion, and harmony that may arise when interacting with other elements.

This work has a collaboration with Nohlab.


Artifact is a realtime human computer interactive artificial intelligence application, which creates unique oil painting visuals by detecting the basic emotional situations (fear, peace, happiness, misery etc.) of visitors via their facial expressions. Artifact; grounds on creating an artwork by using an AI application and if it can make it by realizing emotions. It aims transition between emotional situation via producing visuals according to the facial expression.

Edge of Government

DECOL created an interactive area by Nohlab’’s direction & design for 65-meter square floor and ceiling by realtime 6K graphic generation for the World Government Summit. The interactive area on the exit inspires people to engage with what they had only observed before.

There’s a real-time fluid simulation flowing when there’s nobody around, sensors track human positions in the area, a custom code helps generate particles based on people’s position and movements. This way, all the people become particle emitters, generating a power fields that affects both the visual, and other people’s traces of interaction. People could shape their surroundings with their force and energy fields.

This artwork has a collaboration with Nohlab.

Delight AV Performance

Delight is an audiovisual performance as an ode to the journey of light and how it can surround us from 2nd dimension to 3rd. This audiovisual performance is trying to bend the realities of human eye and immersify the experience with collaboration of sound. These two light and audio wave forms work in harmony to create the connection between dimension, space & light.


DE.Fusion is DECOL’s 4th creation from DE:Konstract series. Interactive Installation ‘DE.Fusion’ exhibited in Contemporary İstanbul 2015- PLUG-IN curation by Ebru Yetiskin.

This installation narrates the sameness of the elements which compose the stars and our bodies. Installation activates itself with an algorithm which recognizes the visitors’ physical volume contained in space&time; then creates an ever changing form with the relations between motion, sound and light.


Interactive Installation by Decol ‘De’03: Dekonstract- No.2Tile’ is taking place at İstanbul Arcaology Museum, Çinili Köşk between 25 February-14 March 2014. In this installation consist of mostly 13. -16 century’s ceremics, museum visitor move along on a spesific timeline, she/he watch diverse ceremic motives according to his/her.


Lumin is a living installation inspired by nature, sourced by the audience. It is real time simulation of glowing worms in the dark caves. It tracks hand positions of the visitors and transform them to light and force fields in the virtual world. This helps to create an invisible connection to allow the audience to be part of artwork. When someone interact with they can observe the physical life like behaviours of bioluminescence creatures.

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