Physx placed in front of Rotterdam Central Station takes inspiration from the space-time net, where an astronomical body bends the spatial network around it defining an “area of interest” depending on the mass and the gravity that generates.

The installation consists of a tight tend surface, made of elastic fiber, raised from the ground of about 50cm. Once a person steps on the membrane, this one absorbs the pressure, bending in a depression-like valley. The membrane stretches and reveals the inner fibers that are in different colors. Automatically a colored “safe zone” of 1.5m with different intensities is generated around the person, defining the distance that should be kept while interacting with the other people. When people get close to each other, the personal areas start to blend together showing that the measures are not respected.


It is possible to combine the need for a physical world with the safety of the digital one? It is possible to imagine a space where this can happen?

WRAP is an installation that aims to trigger people’s imagination, exploring new ways of interaction, searching for new ways of engagement. It aims to go beyond verbal communication, stimulating people to find a new and creative way of expressing themselves. The pavilion is built of a timber structure easy to be assembled/dismantled and transportable, welded together exclusively through cold joints forming a three-dimensional helix that boosts reality a step further: The internal faces of the loop are mirrored to reflect the physical presence in a virtual safe space where people can interact freely. The two platforms positioned at the extremes of the loop are set apart at about 4.5 m from one another, encouraging people to interact with each other in a new way through their reflected doubles, defining a new paradigm for interaction.


InsideOut is an installation that aims to celebrate the people, their courage, and their attitude. InsideOut visualizes this introspection, mirroring the outside World inside, turning it upside down, completely subverting something that has been very known revealing a totally unexpected new beauty. Thanks to a disk of 8 meters with a small hole of 12mm in the center is possible to turn the Pantheon into the larger Camera Obscura ever built. This will project on all the surfaces an upside-down image of the outside. The Camera, pointing towards the sky, will project an ever-changing image, depending on the weather, the time, and the color of the sky: from a bleached foggy morning to a warm red sunset. The Camera Obscura principle is a very well-known concept since The Renascence: Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler among and many others described the principle in their codices on optics. For the first time in history, we can use this tool to look at what is happening inside ourselves rather than simply project what surrounds us.


Is it possible to create an installation that celebrates people’s uniqueness while laying the foundation for an inclusive society of tomorrow?

New York City will be the stage of a massive urban-land-art event for which the scenography is already set in place. SPECTRUM requires that each screen and billboard of Time Square displays a single monochrome color, creating an ever-changing composition, showcasing all the possible tones of light, celebrates diversity. Visitors will be washed by strong colored lights that will change in time defining an evolutionary experience. Light, with its physical presence, will be the medium of the greater message, it is designed to be a place of contemplative thought, promoting plurality while revealing its true beauty.


DROPS is an art installation, made of luminescent glazed drops scattered on Caorle’s cliff that absorb the light during the day and release it at night transforming the defence tidal system into social and artistic infrastructure. The composition of colored drops recalls the imprint left by the waves. During the day the installation looks like a mosaic, as a reminiscence of the nearby Venetiantessellations, and at night it changes completely, revealing a new and unexpected beauty, transforming the landscape into a dreamscape. The drops are entirely made of glass, with a photo-luminescent pigment that brings innovation to the most traditional material of the Venetian area. The art piece is placed in the darkest spot along the reef, illuminating it, it increases the safety and it amplifies the already extraordinary touristic value of the city. DROPS is a new place of Wonder, triggering the imagination of the people, aiming to stimulate the imagination of a better World.

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