Composed of 12 illuminated steel arches, CURRENT is a dynamic sculpture that celebrates transformation. Referencing the ebb and flow of river currents, currents of light, and currents of time, the sculpture is under continual transformation.

Pool Time

Pool Time is a public pavilion and series of community programming centered around the rich history of the Park as a site for the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs. POOLTIME activates an underused public space and aims to discuss the World’s Fair structures and their architectural lives and meaning post-exhibition.


PORTAL is a site-specific permanent public artwork installed at the front entrance of Jefferson Middle School. This pair of two constellations of 16 vibrantly colored steel arches are enwrapped with empowering quotations. PORTAL pays homage to the building’s historical legacy as a DC public library through this curated selection of quotes from important literary and cultural figures of color. PORTAL invites students, teachers, community members and passersby to observe, to participate, to dialogue.


Meridian is a site-specific pavilion that transforms the Penn West pocket park into a new community hub for sitting, snacking, gathering and socializing. MERIDIAN draws inspiration from the celestial meridian that run along the Earth and becomes a kind of marker of time — the colorful patterns on the wood surfaces correspond to shadows that will be cast on these faces at solar noon on the upcoming summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice. MERIDIAN aspires to create greater awareness of time and encourage moments of pause, reflection, and interaction between people and place.

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