Synaesthesia is a playful installation that projects large-scale smoke rings from one end of the space to the other. Inspired by fragrance wardrobing, the installation visualizes the alchemy of perfume through the collision of two smoke rings infused with scents. The piece was accompanied by light and sound, and visitors were encouraged to walk around the space and engage with the smoke rings.


Aether is a light field installation developed with musician Max Cooper. It takes the viewer on a journey through the potential of human endeavours, from beauty and wonder to destruction and pain. The design particularly lends itself to work in harmony with musical content generating moments of vivid sensory enrichment. They wanted to create a piece that would have a sensory impact on the audience whilst also being tourable as a musical instrument in and of itself.


The installation emphasises Liberty’s pivotal influence upon the fashion world, focusing on the figure of Arthur Lasenby Liberty and casts him in the role of fashion’s liberator. It complemented the store’s design, the eclecticism of its collections and Liberty’s individual identity among London’s high-street shops. Arthur is shown to herald a new promise of better, higher quality fashion for the city. The narrative plays on the iconography of ‘Noah’s ark’ and the imagery of sea-faring harks back to the naval history of the famous shop front on Great Marlborough Street.


Ensemble is an audiovisual analogy, demonstrating how collectivity can create a positive and unique outcome. The Hive remote energy management system is an intelligent cloud that imaginatively empowers us to control the world we live in. In response, ASC created a shimmering digital ensemble that responds to proximity and movement. Pleated pixels are activated in unison with the sound, expanding with more intensity and volume as the viewer moves closer to different sections. Each section of the installation corresponds with a single layer of music and people are encouraged to work together to compose all of the elements of the track.


How is Pink Floyd relevant today?
The pig as a representation of the ruling class(es) has never ceased to remain relevant. Pink Floyd’s 1977 album Animals is a direct reference to George Orwell’s 1945 novel Animal Farm and the pig flying over Battersea Power Station has now become an iconic image. This pig is a modern, shiny take on the original. This intervention is a modern, shiny take on an inflatable pig. Beneath its superficial morphing and shifting surface, the pig is still a pig. Nothing has changed.
‘Big man, pig man, ha ha, charade you are’


CRKL is a tourable venue that creates a 360* uninterrupted visual, cocooning the viewer and rising to the ceiling in imagery designed by leading projection artists. Inspired by new spatial production techniques in electronic music, CRKL places the viewer in total sensory immersion.
Within the cylindrical screen, there is capacity for 600 people on multiple levels. Viewers are immersed in three layers of lighting – an LED ring suspended in the centre, a projection layer in the middle, and a skin of reflective, silver orbs that move with the air flow and, when viewed from outside, distort the projections behind. Using scripting algorithms, these layers are synchronised with one another as well as the music.

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