East Wind

Commission work by OUTPUT

“East Wind” is a multichannel video and digital animation piece that utilizes motion capture performance to puppeteer digital lion avatars in virtual space. Named after the Los Angeles-based Chinese lion dance troupe The East Wind Foundation who performed for the creation of the piece, “East Wind” presents a contemporary reinvention of traditional Chinese lion dance through the movement of descendants of Chinese diaspora as a ritual defined as cultural tradition passed down through generations through bodily experience, physical discipline, repetition and precision.

Flesh Nest

Artist built this project around the concept of a digital afterlife. While we are often accustomed to seeing the Internet portrayed as vector graphics, data visualization, or other sterile imagery like server rooms, artist wanted instead to construct imagery that had the same efficiency, weirdness and mythic vastness as a Hieronymus Bosch painting in which a multiplicity of characters and edifices are building up and crumbling down in the same hellish scrolling tapestry-like space.


“Hyperskins” exhibits three digital sculptures cycling in an infinite loop through multiple surfaces, textural incarnations inspired by the philosophy of “hyper objects” by Timothy Morton – the idea that today’s objects lack a “discreteness” and instead are pervasive, multidimensional and ever-changing throughout phases of time, space and relative orientation to other objects independent of human consciousness.

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