Further personal work developing the artist’s style and exploring the female form. All the pattern work is inspired by Gucci.


Personal work with the idea of beauty campaigns in mind – the artist would love to do more work for the fashion & beauty industry.

Video Calls

Uploading video call screenshots are the new out-out selfies! (Self Isolation). The rise of Zoom calls & Google Hangout.

Rainbow lady

As people self isolate, the streets of Bristol are filled with rainbows chalked on the ground, and windows are filled with children’s paintings of rainbows. The artist wanted to draw something to remember this sign of hope, during this time.

You are doing great

to send postcards to their loved ones during COVID 19, and also gave people the option to donate to the NHS during this difficult time.

Alone together

Closer&Closer put together a colouring book with the theme being Alone Together.Artists from the C&C family have contributed to this to help people all over the world escape from currently affairs.

For Matt

This illustration is created for Artist’s friend Matt Prosser who sadly passed away in October 2018. Since losing Matt the artist have been writing and working on a picture book concept dealing with her grief, the loss and the feeling suicide leaves you with.This illustration was shared on World Suicide Prevention Day.

Climate Emergency

Artist created this illustration after the news broke about the fires that had started to burn down the Amazon in August, 2019; Each year the Amazon gets set alight in order to make room for cattle farming, this year it got out of hand. In 2017 Britain was the 9th largest consumer of Brazilian beef, buying 57,000 tonnes; nearly 80% of deforested areas in Brazil are now used for crops to feed cattle. Artist felt it was important to spread awareness on her social media and so chose to illustrate!

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