An Alternate Framework

An Alternate Framework is a looping 3D animation involving a simulation of orbiting planetary bodies. It presents a situation impossible to known astrophysics – playing off our known understanding of the framework of our Universe and utilizing the possibilities of simulation.

The Frequency of Space/Time

The Frequency of Space/Time is a computer animation of an artificial sunrise/sunset with a total eclipse of the sun by the moon occurring at the apex of its position above the horizon. The moon follows a parabolic trajectory while the sun slowly rises and sets over a simulated moving body of water. Total eclipse, known as totality, occurs every 16 minutes in the animation while the whole piece cycles every 32 minutes – a reference to bit rates in computer science: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc…which determine data transfer rates in various operating systems.

Project H.E.A.R.T.

Project H.E.A.R.T. is a biosensor-driven virtual reality artwork developed in collaboration with Canadian artist Erin Gee. A twist on popular “militainment” shooter video games, the artists invites VR participants to experience the work while manipulating their excitement levels in order to influence a holographic pop star performance on a virtual battlefield. The goal is to manage your enthusiasm in order to successfully direct the holographic avatar, Yowane Haku (a Hatsune Miku derivative) in a “combat therapy” mission, locating the soldiers ‘in need of moral support’ and inspiring them with song to continue in the chaos of the battlefield. Your positivity and energy drives the pop music forward as the soldiers battle not only against a group of enemy soldiers, but also against their own lack of confidence and rising anxieties.

Everything From Here to Infinity

“Everything from Here to Infinity” is an immersive virtual reality installation in which objects within the most comprehensive map of the universe to date, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), are depicted in the manner of abstract expressionist gestures.

Haeshigae (for Proust)

Haeshigae (for Proust) is a two-channel animation of the virtual recreation of an ancient clock, the Korean Sundial (originally developed during the Joseon Dynasty), covered with Facebook posts collected from various friends over the course of three months. An aggregated simulation of sunlight passing over the course of a season (without nighttime situations) creates a cast shadow that indicates the passage of time. The frames of the animation advance every second in real time allowing the animation to be utilized as a true timepiece (by seconds), but also abstracting the concept of time and the virtual-tying it to the archive of texts associated with a user’s Facebook page.

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