Itera is a traditional media animation that strives to exemplify the roles of repetition and identity in real life. Through a series of iterative phases, what begins as a simple, recognizable form eventually sprouts a matrix of itself. Of unconstrained and thriving change.

This is a circle that has been photocopied 80,000 times.

This is its story.

Cardinal Inaccessible

Cardinal Inaccessible is a piece that submits the lyrics of the Mexican national anthem to voice recognition of Google Voice Search algorithms. Updating in real time, Cardinal Inaccessible displays the search suggestions while providing the most accurate phonetic result. In this way, the piece is developed in segments of a second longer duration, for each of its iterations.

Throughout this process, the multiple phonetic / rhythmic interpretations of the first four verses make up a multiverse of meaning in constant expansion.

Before the brain of a mega-computer network, decades of patriotic alliteration are sifted with a new light: that of absurdist rhizomatics. The one of the true meaning of a nation.


L.O.V.E. stands for “Laboratorio Orbital de Video Experimental” (Experimental Video Orbital Laboratory), it is the first micro-multimedia experimental novel of our times.

Using hypertext, QRs, Video, Audio and experimental storytelling narratives. It interweaves a complex and profound experience for the viewer, encouraging introspective, discovery, curiosity and rhyzomatic ludopathism. It also tells the story of a nuclear cloud of love humanity shall soon be turned into.

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