Marée Noire

For Spring/Summer 2020, Marine Serre continues to commission Actual Objects to create a short film for the campaign – a post-apocalyptic anti-utopia campaign set against the backdrop of oil spills and polluted waters, “Marée Noire”, a title that also means “Unstoppable Tide”. Divided into four chapters, linked by pipeline elements that highlight the idea of post-modern industrial excess, Actual Objects once again demonstrates the mesmerizing ability of CGI technology to create a surreal world, creating a strange atmospheric beauty for Marine Serre.

Lil Miquela

Actual Objects provides art direction for the latest music video for the world’s hottest #virtualwebstar, #lilmiquela. Through a fictional psychedelic tunnel, the video features a magical anti-ergonomic dance on top of a train.

The North Face

This is a CG campaign made for The North Face 2020 black series by Actual Objects.


A microfilm that Actual Objects collaborated with Marine Serre.

Dua Lipa-Pretty Please Remix

This is a music video of Pretty Please Remix, made for Dua Lipa.


An interactive installation premiered at Mira Festival Barcelona.

All Under Heaven

This is a short film that Actual Objects collaborated with Xander Zhou.

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