Soap Opera

Soap Opera is an installation programmed to create a series of carefully planned movements that blowing bubbles instills in us. AATB asks us to consider whether using a robotic arm can still capture the pleasure and delight of blowing bubbles, as well as creating new and imaginative uses for industrial robots.


The physical installation consists of two robotic arms, each equipped with an over-sized hand. In times of physical distancing, when touching becomes impossible, Handshake is a platform on which strangers can interact with each other, virtually but also physically.

AATB for Atelier Luma at World Economic Forum Davos

AATB was commissioned by Atelier Luma to produce a large-scale map of the Camargue region and its various actors. A custom robotic print-system was developed to use algae-based pigments.


A night time video installation atop of a building: two gigantic eyes gazing at Istanbul’s night sky.

Grand Central

Grand Central is a large-scale on/offline installation. A custom-designed mechanical pen-plotter is connected to a website where visitors, local and remote, can leave anonymous messages. The apparatus will immediately start printing any messages received, tracing a collective physical artifact out of the intangible data stream.

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