Interference 53°N,42°E

Interference 53°N,42°E (V1.0) is an interactive and immersive installation, which is a collaboration project with scientists, artists, and designers. The coordinates in the name are the exact location where these underwater noises were recorded over the course of two years starting January 2018 as part of the ongoing Joint Monitoring Program for Ambient Noise in the North Sea project. The project uses the metaphor of ship traffic near the shores of Texel, Netherlands to critically investigate the effects of anthropogenic underwater noise pollution.
Collaboration: Sandipan Nath, German Greiner, Daan Westerheide, Dimitri Thouzery, Nikzad Arabshahi, Gokul Nair.

Rituals of a Misty Temple

Rituals of a Misty Temple is a video summary of a 3 days residency in the Kern artist space with Guthio, sound provided by french artist Ektoplast.

Light of Hope

During the Covid-19 lock-down, Light of Hope as a mapping project aimed to give hope and send a positive message to the people of Mexico and more globally of Latin America by projecting art visuals on the Torre Latinoamericana, the first skyscraper in Mexico. The show took place on May 5th, 2020 and the live gathered around 125.000 spectators worldwide. The artist is to create visuals that fit the tower in this project which is initiated by Dux Animation and Nizza Producciones.


For the event Rêverie Binaire, the artist presented the art piece Lucid with which the spectator can contemplate, act, and react. A lucid dream controls and randomness melts together.


In order to sustain the label identity, generative audio-reactive visuals were commissioned for each released mixtape. Founded by Mellowcat, these covers are used on various social platforms: Soundcloud, Facebook, and Instagram.

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